Varsity Boys Basketball vs. Bayport, January 15 – Bruce Avery Siska

Boys Varsity Bonac Basketball team defeats Bayport tremendously, 83-38.

The Bonackers leading scorers were Jeremy (28) Malachi (24), Turner (8), Max (9), Christian (3), Logan (6) and Zac (5). This was a fun game to watch offensively. The Bonackers moved the ball well and created space for their shooters. The team’s overall shot percentage was at 90%. They were making things happen and they were really on their shooting game for sure.

Defensively, the Bonackers played a strong game. They were aggressive under the basket getting rebounds and forcing turnovers. They were also able to read the picks and ensure that all players were covered. As the game moved on, the deficit got worse for Bayport. After the first quarter, they were only down 5 points and by the second they were down 18 points, there was no coming back. The Bayport team seemed to lose their stamina, while the Bonackers just kept shooting and scoring, shooting and scoring, ending the game with a score of 83-38.

Over all the Bonackers played an amazing game in front of their home town crowd. If the Boys keep playing like this, they will be an unstoppable force to any team they face. Y

Yours in Sports. Bruce Avery Siska.

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